Tobermochulla, Tobermochuille, Kilgory, Kilnoe

Tobermochulla, Kilgory
James Feeney
Tobermochulla, Kilgory
James Feeney
Tobermochulla, Kilgory
James Feeney
Tobermochulla, Kilgory
James Feeney

Townland: Kilgory, Kilnoe

Description of Holy Well and Landscape Setting

Saint Mochulla’s well in Kilgory lies in a damp rushy field beside a drainage channel that feeds into a nearby stream.

Saint and Feast Day Associated with Holy Well

Both James Frost and John O’ Donovan refer to Saint Mochulla’s Pattern Day as being on 12th June.
However, writing as part of their work with the Ordnance Survey in 1893, John O’ Donovan and Eugene Curry also recorded:
‘There is no holy or Pattern Day remembered in the Parish  (of Tulla).’

Mochulla was once the principal saint in this region of County Clare. The primary school in Tulla Village is named after Saint Mochulla. His name is also given to a significant number of holy wells between Tulla and Feakle.

Natural Heritage around the Holy Well

There are a number of hedge trees found in a slightly raised copse in the field where the well is located. These include elder, alder, blackthorn, whitethorn and gorse. There are a few large sycamore trees nearby.

Heritage Attractions Nearby

Tulla Village with Saint Mochulla’s Church is a 10  minute drive from the well site. The original (wooden) church there was founded by Mochulla in the 7th century. This was replaced in the 17th century by stone church which still occupies the site today. At some point the church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

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