Toberinneen, Tobar Inghean, Cullaun

Toberinneen, Tobar Inghean, Cullaun
James Feeney
Toberinneen, Tobar Inghean, Cullaun
James Feeney
Toberinneen, Tobar Inghean, Cullaun
James Feeney
Toberinneen, Tobar Inghean, Cullaun
James Feeney

Townland: Cullaun, Quin

Description of Holy Well and Landscape Setting

What remains of this holy well is mostly rubble in the form of mixed stones in deep undergrowth on the old Cullaun estate. It is situated beside two ruined cottages set well back on the north side of a track to Cullaun House. The well is roughly in the shape of a low hut and resembles a smoke room or sweat lodge. There was once a health or spa well near to the lake on the Cullaun Estate. It is possible that this well may be confused with the location of a one-time holy well elsewhere.

Saint and Feast Day Associated with Holy Well

The well here has a shortened name of ‘Toberinneen’ or ‘Tobar Inghean’, rather than the usual Toberinneenboy. Inghean Baoith was an early Christian holy woman and a member of the Cineál Baoith clan of mid-Clare. The well is included in the 1842 map. It may not have functioned as a place of pilgrimage for a very long time

Natural Heritage around the Holy Well

The well is surrounded by a tangle of rhododendron trees and some alder. It lies about 60 meters in from the south west corner of Cullaun Lough.

Heritage Attractions Nearby

The now derelict Cullaun House is on the same estate as the holy well and overlooks Cullaun Lough. On the north shore of the lough is a local sailing club that facilitates sailing and dinghy racing.

Additional Information

Tom Steele, perhaps better known as “Honest Tom Steele”, inherited Cullane House from his uncle, Thomas Steele. A Protestant, he became very involved in Daniel O’ Connell’s election bid in Clare in 1828 and the fight for Catholic Emancipation. O’ Connell was successful and after a change of law became the first Catholic to take a seat in the English Parliament. Tom Steele led an extravagant lifestyle but died in poverty in London in June 1848 and was buried beside his friend Daniel O’ Connell in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

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