Toberanore, Kilmore

Toberanore, Kilmore
James Feeney
Toberanore, Kilmore
James Feeney

Townland: Kilmore, Killokennedy

Description of Holy Well and Landscape Setting

The well site is in the low wet ground at the bottom north-east corner of a large field

Saint and Feast Day Associated with Holy Well

It is clear that the well has not functioned as a place of pilgrimage for a long time. The name of the well, Toberanore, does not make reference to any particular saint.
There are a number of ways to translate the name of the well. It may be derived from ‘Tobar an Óir’ meaning The Well of Gold. It may also be ‘Tobar Anoir’ meaning The Easterly Well. Most likely however, is
‘Tobar a’ n-Ór’, meaning The Well of Pray(ing). Ór was the old Irish verb for ‘to pray.’

Natural Heritage around the Holy Well

The well lies within a field and is on low, wet ground.

Heritage Attractions Nearby

Broadford Village is close by. Archaeological heritage and amenities can be found there.

Additional Information

T.J. Westropp, ‘The Churches of County Clare, and the Origin of the Ecclesiastical Divisions in that County’, 1900: ‘Killokennedy Parish has two wells, Toberanore and Toberamanrielta.’
Tobar Cronán in Killokenney may also now be added to this list, thanks to recent surveys.

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Clare County Library

Westropp, T.J 1900, ‘The Churches of County Clare, and the Origin of the Ecclesiastical Divisions in that County’ Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. 6, pp. 100-180.

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