Toberteascain, Tobarteascáin, Clonroad More

Toberteascain Holy Well
Michael Houlihan

Townland: Clonroad More, Ennis, Drumcliff

Toberteascáin means ‘The Well of Abundance’ and there is a strong flow of water at this well. Teascáin may also refer to a ‘section’ or a ‘share’.

Description of Well and Landscape Setting

This well lies in a private garden on the north side of the Toberteascain Road. The well has been restored. It sits approximately one metre below the garden level and has a stone lined wall. A stone culvert guides the well flow onward in an active stream.

Saint and Feast Day Associated with Well

Though listed as a holy well, Toberteascáin was more likely a health well or curative well. It was renowned among local townspeople for the quality of its water and many people came with containers to collect water here in the past.

Natural Heritage around the Holy Well

The well is in an urban setting with a mixture of cultivated shrubs nearby. The well may originate from a strong flowing ‘aquifer’ or spring, which emerges at the well site. The flow of water is strong and the water is clear.

Nearby Heritage Attractions

The well is in a long established part of of Ennis, is a medieval town dating back to the fourteenth century. Drumcliffe, the parish where the well is situated, is also very old.
Ennis Town Centre and its amenities are a 10 minute walk away.

Additional information

There is another holy well on the north side of Ennis on the Gort Road, at Dulick, dedicated to Saint Joseph.

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Clare County Library

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