Tobermochulla, Tobermochuille, Tobar Mochuille, Newgrove

Tobermochulla, Newgrove
James Feeney
Tobermochulla, Newgrove
James Feeney
Tobermochulla, Newgrove
James Feeney
Tobermochulla, Newgrove
James Feeney

Townland: Newgrove/Ballyslattery, Tulla

Description of Holy Well and Landscape Setting

This holy well lies in a quiet corner of a large pasture of mixed vegetation, directly west of the old Newgrove Estate. The well is hard to spot at first as it is surrounded by low bushes. A low mound making up a simple well house is now lost in the undergrowth. On the hidden side of the mound lies the well which contains collected rainwater.
The well is a bullaun stone, a stone with a basin like depression on its surface which is often filled with water. The bullaun measures about 25 centimetres across and is perhaps 40 centimetres deep from the rim. There was water present at the time of the research visit.

There is a thick layer of silt  at the base of the bullaun, with some coins present. Two circular boulders of granite, smoothly fashioned, are present on either side of the well.

Saint and Feast Day Associated with Holy Well

Like many wells found around the village of Tulla, this holy well is dedicated to Saint Mochulla.  His feast day is 12th June. Saint Mochulla is a 7th century saint and is the patron saint of Tulla Parish. He is remembered, but there is little active veneration to the saint today.

In 1916, T.J. Westropp noted the presence of offerings at the well including:
‘pins, pipe-stems, slate pencils, a farthing, a small image of the Virgin, an old Waterbury watch-case, a toy motor, buttons, hairpins, studs, and nails’.

Natural Heritage around the Holy Well

The well lies in a hay field. Animals were present at the time of the research visit enjoying the after-cut grass. The ground here is heavy and a little damp.

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Clare County Library

Westropp, T.J. ‘Holy Well and “Pillar “, Newgrove, and Carved Stones at Tulla Church, Co. Clare’ in The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Sixth Series, Vol. 9


Record of Monuments and Places Number

RMP- CL035- 001

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