Saint Mochulla's, Mochuille's Holy Well, Cragg

Saint Mochulla's Holy Well, Cragg
James Feeney
Saint Mochulla's Holy Well, Cragg
James Feeney
Saint Mochulla's Holy Well, Cragg
James Feeney
Saint Mochulla's Holy Well, Cragg
James Feeney

Townland: Cragg, Tulla

Description of Holy Well and Landscape Setting

This well lies at the butt of Cragg Hill on the edge of a small wood. The approach to the well is through wet, rushy ground. There is no water in the well. What remains is a slightly low depression in the ground on the hillside of the trees. Kilchulla Kyleen (cillín) is in the same area as the well. The cillín is recognisable as several low stones around the two trees marking the site.

Saint and Feast Day Associated with Holy Well

The well is associated with Saint Mochulla, a 7th century saint. He is the Patron Saint of Tulla Parish, although there is no active veneration to this saint today. Saint Mochulla’s feast-day is sometimes quoted as being 12th June but this is not certain. In the National Folklore Schools’ Collection a different date is noted:

 ‘Up to the year 1839 patterns were held at the principal Mochulla wells on the 23rd of March and the 23rd of June. The Saint’s Feast Day was on the 11th January’.

The martyrologies, lists of martyrs and saints, also offer 23rd March as Saint Mochulla’s feast day.

Natural Heritage around the Holy Well

The well lies in rough ground at the base of a hillock. It is a sparse wooded area, with the well at the edge of the plantation.

Heritage Attractions Nearby

The village of Tulla is close by, as is Kiltanon House and Caves.

Additional Information

The life of St. Mochulleus (Mochuille or Mochulla), from about 1141 AD, gives some more background on the saint. Mochulla was remembered as a Bishop in Tulla.

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