Holy Wells of West Clare

Our Lady's Well, Drumellihy
James Feeney

Drumellihy Holy Well No. 1 or Our Lady’s Holy Well, Drumellihy Westby

Drumellihy Holy Well No. 2 or Our Lady’s Holy Well, Drumelihy Westby

The Eye Well, Termon

Kilfearagh Holy Well, Tobar Fiachra

Killerk Holy Well, Killerk East

Kiltumper Holy Well, Cill Tiompair

Laghtsenan, Leacht Sheanáin Holy Well, Moylougha

Lismulbreeda Holy Well

Our Lady’s Well, locally known as Saint Brigid’s Well, Caherea

Our Lady’s Well or Tobermurry, Tobar Muire, Kilmacduane

Our Lady’s Well, Kilmaley

Our Lady’s Well or Tobermurry, Tobar Muire, Kilmacduane

Saint Augustine’s Holy Well, Garrynagry

Saint Brendan’s Well, Tobar Bhreandáin, Cloonnagarnaun

Saint Brendan’s Well, Tobar Breandáin, Farrihy

Saint Breckan’s, Saint Brickan’s Holy Well, Crovraghan

Saint Caoidhe’s Holy Well, Tobar Caoidhe, Toberkee

Saint Connellan’s Well, Doonogan Holy Well

Saint Dara’s Well, Saint Daragh’s Well, Knocknakilla

Saint Flannan’s Well, Tobar Fhlannáin, Drumanure

Saint John’s Well, Tobar Eoin, Tromra West

Saint Kereen’s Altar, Kilkerin

Saint Kerin’s Holy Well, Mahonburgh,

Saint Margaret’s Holy Well, Ballynagun East

Saint Martins Well, Clarefield, Moyarta

Saint Michael’s Well, Kilmihil

Saint Martin’s Holy Well, Ballynacally

Saint Niddaun’s Well, Toberniddaun, Clondegad

Saint Ruaun’s Well, Tobar Ruadháin, Cloonaheen Middle

Saint Ruth’s Well, Frure or Furroor

Saint Senan’s Well, Tullaher, Banshagh

Saint Senan’s, Naomh Sheanáin Holy Well, Erribul

Saint Senan’s Holy Well, Tobersenan, Tobar Sheanáin, Leadmore East

Saint Senan’s Well, Termon East, Kilfearagh

Saint Senan’s Well, Tobar Shenáin, Sheeaun

Saint Senan’s Well, Tobar Sheanáin, Kilclogher

Saint Senan’s Well, Tobar Sheanáin, Kilkee Upper

Tober Carroll, Tobar Cearbhall, Killcarroll

Tober Creadaun, Credaun, Creadane or possibly Tobar Corodán, Kilcredaun

Toberaniddaun, Saint Senan’s Holy Well, Feagarroge

Toberbreedia, Tobar Bhríde, Finnor More

Tobercooan, Tobar Chuain, The Well of Saint Cuan, Kiltrellig

Tobercrony, Tobar Chróine, Lisheencrony

Tobercruhnorindowan, Tobar Chruthnóir an Domhain, The Well of the Creator of the World

Toberea, Tobar Aodh, Saint Hugh’s Well, Clondagad

Tobereemy, Tober Imy, Tobar Iomaigh, Eantymore

Tobereenateampall, The Little Well of the Church, Teampall na Deirce, Blakemount

Toberkieran, Tobar Ciarán, Mountshannon East

Tobermurry, Tobar Muire, Lackannashinnagh

Tobermurry, Saint Mary’s Well, Killernan

Tobermurry, Saint Mary’s Well, Killernan

Tobermurry, Tobar Muire, Saint Mary’s Well, Shandrum

Tobernahallia, Tobar na Fhallia, The Well of the Cliffs, Quilty West

Tobernamanastragh, Tobar Na Mainistreach, Canon Island, Kiladysert

Tobernamanorha, Tobar na mBan Orá, Baunmore

Tobernaslantia, Tobar Na Sláinte, Poulnadarree

Toberoonagh, Tobar Oonagh, Kilmaley

Toberscreavaun, Tobar Screabhán, previously Tobar Sgreabhán

Tobersenan, Tobar Sheanáin, Scattery Island

Tobersenan, Tobar Sheanáin, Sheeaun

Tobersenan, Tobar Sheanáin, Teernagloghane

Tobersenan, Tobar Sheanáin, Rinemackaderrig

Tobersheefra, Tobar Síobhra or Tobar Síofra, The Fairy’s Well, Kilfiddane

Toberyrowarta, Tobar Rabhartaí, Tullycrine/ Tullycreen Lower

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  • Hi,
    There is also St. Patrick’s Holy Well in the townland of Knocknahilla more, Mullagh.
    This one is not mentioned in the survey.
    It was however documented by Eddie Lenihan when he wrote an article about holy wells in the Kilmurry Ibrickane Parish.
    With regards, Irene Killeen

    By Irene Killeen (26/01/2022)

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