Holy Wells of North Clare

Glencolumbkille South Holy Well, Carran
James Feeney

Bullán Phádraig, Saint Patrick’s Well, Poulnalour

Derryharriv Holy Well

Friars Well, Tobar na Brathair, Knocknageeha

Glencolumbkille South Holy Well, likely once known as Tober Colmcille, Carran

Glenina Holy Well, Tobar Na Croise Naofa, Tobernacrohaneeve, The Well of the Holy Cross.

Muckinish Holy Well, Muc Inis, Pig Island

Oughtdara Holy Well, Ucht Dara Holy Well

Saint Anastasia’s Well, previously Toberinneenboy or Tobar Inghean Baoith, Tullygarvan West

Saint Augustine’s Well, Carrowkeel

Saint Corcoran’s Well, Kilcorcoran

Saint Brendan’s Holy Well, Gowlaun

Saint Bridget’s Holy Well, Saint Brigid’s Well, Ballysteen

Saint Brecan’s Well,Tobar Briocáin, Toomullin

Saint Brendan’s Well, also known as The Wart Well, Doonmacfelim

Saint Caimín’s Holy Well, Caherminnaun

Saint Colman’s Well, Tobar Cholmán Bháire, Tobar Colman Baur, Glensleade

Saint Colmcille’s Well, Tobar Colmcille, Crumlin

Saint John’s Holy Well, Poulacapple

Saint Josephs Well, also known as Toberlaghteen Tober Laichtín, Kilfarboy

Saint Joseph’s, previously Saint Laghteen or Laughteeen’s Holy Well, Tobar Laictín, Annagh-Dough

Saint Mac Cravan’s Well, Tobermacravan, Tobar Mac Crabháin, Ballymacrav

Saint Macreehy’s Well, previously Tobarmacreagh, Carran

Saint Martin’s Well, Tobar Mhártaín, Leamaneh

Saint Patrick’s Well, Tobar Phádraig, Rosalia

Saint Senan’s Well Tobar Sheanáin, Carrowmanagh South

The Blessed Well or Toberinneenboy, Caherlooskaun

The Man Servant’s Grave, The Grave of the Saint’s Servant, Keelhilla

The Tooth Well, Gleninsheen, Rathborney

Tobarkieran, Keelhilla

Tobar An Athar Calbhach, The Bald Priest’s Well, Ballyelly Holy Well  

Tobar an Spá, Lishylisheen

Tobar Bran, Tobar Bhrain, Formoyle West

Tobar Derg, Eanty More

Tobar Iníon Baoith, Glensleade

Tobar Iníon Baoith, Toberinneenboy, Ballard

Tobar Iníon Baoith, locally known as Saint Colman’s Holy Well, Quakerstown

Tobar Iníon Baoith, locally Saint Colman’s Well, Kiltackymore

Tobar Lonan, Derrynavanagh

Tobar Na Glasha, The Well of the Stream, Knockans Upper

Tobaradubh, Tobar an Duibh, Caherfadda

Tobareenateampall, The Little Well of the Church, Teampall na Deirce, Blakemount

Tobargahard Holy Well, Gragan East

Tobarsheela, Abbey West

Tober Voydan, Tobar Bhaighdeáin or Bhiodán, Kilvoydan

Toberacollure Holy Well, Bouleevin

Toberanieran, Tobar an Iarann, Killeenan, Dysert O’ Dea

Toberaun Holy Well, Attyslaney South

Toberbreedia, Tobar Brídia, Kiltanon


Tobercolman, Tobar Cholmáin, Oughtmama

Tobercornan, Tobar Chornáin, The Pinnacle Well, Gleninagh

Tobercronan, Tobar Cronán, Termon

Toberdane, Tobar Déine, Kilfenora

Toberfaughtna or Tobar Fachtna, sometimes Fachtnan, Kilfenora

Tobergeeraun, Fanore More

Toberinneenboy, Toberinnboy or Tobar Iníon Baoith, Anneville, Killinaboy Parish

Toberinneenboy, Tobar Iníon (Inghean) Baoith, Commons South, Killinaboy

Toberkeagh Holy Well, Knockroe

Toberlonane, Tobarfhlannán, Killaspuglonane,

Tobermacduagh, Tobar Mac Duagh, Duach, known locally as Tobar Mac Dé, Teernea

Tobermacduagh, Tobar Mac Duagh or Duach, Kinallia

Tobermacreehy, Tobar Mac Creiche, Saint Macreehy’s Well, Kilmacreeehy

Tobermoghua, Noughaval

Tobermoon, The Well of Saint Muadhán, also known as Saint Mooga

Tobernafiaghtana, Tobar Fiachtna, Termon

Tobar Na Glasha, The Well of the Stream, Knockans Upper

Tobernanarbe, Tobarnaneeve, Calluragh

Tobershanbally, Tobar Sean Bhaile, The Well of the Old Settlement, Keelhilla

Treanmanagh Holy Well


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  • There is a Holy Well dedicated to St Parthenane in Willbrook ,Corofin. In living memory there was a structure there and it had a cure for sore eyes. There were some statues in it.

    By Roisin Neylon (31/01/2022)

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