Holy Wells of East Clare

Tobar Mochulla, Tulla
James Feeney

Ballycannan Holy Well, Saint Patrick’s Parish

Cloontyconnaught Holy Well

Fahy Holy Well, Faha Holy Well or Saint Ann’s Well, Feakle

Grania’s Well, No.1, Drummanneen

Grania’s Well, No. 2, Drummanneen

Kilmaleery, Cill Mac Laoghaire or Cill Mailiaraidh Holy Well

Kilvoydan Holy Well, Kilvoydan South

Knockaunboy Holy Well, also known as Saint Mochonna’s Well, Fairhill

Saint Mochulla’s Holy Well (possible), Ardbooly Lower, Tulla

Saint John’s Well, John the Baptist’s Well or Cratloe Holy Well, Cratloemoyle

Naomh Cronán, Saint Cronan’s Holy Well, Killokennedy

Saint Kieran’s Holy Well, Kilkieran

Saint Luchtigern’s Well, Tobar Luchtigern, Fenloe Holy Well, Finlough

Saint Mary’s Well, also known as Our Lady’s Well, Inishcealtra

Saint Michael’s Holy Well, Tobar Mhichíl, Cappaghcastle

Saint Mochulla, Saint Mochuille’s Holy Well, Rathmore

Saint Mochulla’s, Mochuille’s Holy Well, Cragg

Saint Patrick’s Well, Ieverstown

Saint Patrick’s Well, Clooney

Saint Senan Liath’s Holy Well (No.1), Doonass Demesne, Clonlara

Saint Senan Liath’s Holy Well (No.2), Doonass Demense, Clonlara

Saint Senan’s Well, Tobar Sheanáin, Killanena

Toberinneenboy, Tobar Iníon Bhaoith. Locally known as Saint Finghin’s, Quin

Tobar Grainne, Tober Grania, Ballycroum, Feakle

Tobar Mochulla, Tobar Mochuille, Tulla

Tobar Mochulla, Tobar Mochuille, Knockdrumleague

Tobar na Gcoban, Hoarty’s Well, Gortaveha

Tobar na Naoimh, the Well of the Saints, Lakyle

Toberaburran, Ballyvergin

Toberagee, Tobar an Ghuí, The Well of Praying, Cragboy

Toberandillure, Tobar an Duilliúr, The Leafy Well, Kilnacrandy

Toberanore, Kilmore

Toberbrassil, Tobar Breasail, Cahercalla

Toberbreeda, Tobar Bhríde, Cappafeen

Toberbreedia, Tobar Brídia, Kiltanon

Tobercleveen, Tobar Cleíbhín, Tobar Cliabhín, Glendree

Tobercoolan, Tobar Cuailín, Saint Coolan’s Well, Callahy

Tobercrine, Tobar Crainn, Blessed Tree Well, Quin

Tobercronan, Tobar Chronáin, Cronan’s Well, Corrakyle

Tobereevul, Tobar Aoibheail, Craglea

Toberfailia, Tobar Failia, Saint. Faoile or Saint Faoileann’s Holy Well, Shandangan East

Toberinneen, Tobar Inghean, Cullaun

Toberinneenboy, Tobar Iníon Bhaoith. Locally known as Saint Finghin’s, Quin

Toberinneenboy, Tobar Iníon Baoith or Inghean Baoith, Drumumna

Toberiosa, Tobar Íosa or the Well of Jesus, Corlack Glebe

Toberkeeghaun, Kilnacrandy

Toberlanniv, Tobar Leanbh, Cahercalla

Tobermacduagh, Tobar Mac Duagh, Derrygarriff

Tobermacshane, Tobar Mhic Sheáin, Uggoon Upper

Tobermochulla Tobermochuille Holy Well, Gortnacuillin

Tobermochulla, Tobermochuille, Kilgory, Kilnoe

Tobermochulla, Tobar Mochuille, Saint Mochulla’s Well, Flagmount

Tobermochulla, Tobar Mochulla, Tobar Mochuille, Lahardaun

Tobermochulla, Tobar Mochulla-Mochuille, Cloonsheerea

Tobermochulla, Tobermochuille, Fortane Beg, Tulla

Tobermochulla, Tobermochuille, Mochulla’s Well, Cappavilla South

Tobermochulla, Tobermochuille, Tobar Mochuille, Newgrove

Tobermochunna, Tobar Mochunna, Moynoe.

Tobermurragh, Tobar Mhuirbheach, Knockyclovaun

Tobernagat, Tobar na gCait, The Well of the Cats

Tobernaghtan, Tobar Neachtain, Cahercalla, Quin

Tobernamachauv, Tobar na Machamh or Macaomh, The Well of the Young People

Tobernamanrielta, Tobar na mBanrialta, The Nuns’ Well or perhaps The Nun’s Well, Kilmore

Tobernaneeve, Tobar na Naoimh, Ballymacloon East

Tobernasool, Tobar na Súil, The Eye Well, previously known as Tobar Ceannaighthe, Ardataggle

Toberneevoge, Tobar Naomh Óg, Castlecrine

Toberseily, Tobar Séile, Tobar Síghle Holy Well, Kilseily

Toberslany, also known as Saint Seily’s Holy Well, Ballyquin Beg

Tobersraheen, Tobar Srathaín, The Well of the Little Stream, Ballybran

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