Biodiversity in County Clare

Biodiversity gives Clare its character and charm. It adds colour and sounds to our towns and villages, and is the life-force of our rural landscape. It is at the core of the affinity which Clare people have for their county and the essence which attracts tourists to Clare.
County Clare is home to many rare species, unique habitats, however biodiversity does not just occur in 'wild places' such as bogs, wetlands, or the seashore. It can occur on our doorsteps, in our gardens, schoolyards and farms. As a result, those who manage our landscape, such as farmers, gardeners and landowners, are the custodians of our biodiversity.
A wide range of economic and social benefits and services result from the protection of environmental quality and biodiversity. For example:

  • Biodiversity forms the basis of our landscapes
  • Provides for food and clean water supplies
  • Opportunities for waste disposal
  • Nutrient recycling
  • Coastal protection
  • Flood storage and regulation.

Furthermore inappropriate planning can lead to the need for costly engineering solutions to environmental problems.

The Clare County Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023 provides comprehensive information on biodiversity in Clare and the importance of why we need to conserve it.

Clare Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023