Pollinator Plan

Willow Bee

Pollinators play a key role in our ecosystems. Bees and hoverflies don’t just pollinate crops, they also help to maintain the diversity of the wildflowers that we have in Ireland. Therefore it is vital that pollinators habitats are sustained and enhanced so that the biodiversity can be retained.

Pollinating insects are in decline, of the 99 different types of bees on the island of Ireland, nearly one third are threatened with extinction. County Clare is very important for pollinators and the Burren is the headquarters for bees in Ireland with 75% of all bee species found here including the Great yellow bumblebee, Shrill carder bee and Red shanked carder bee all of which are rare and threatened with extinction. County Clare depends on pollinators insects and the important service they provide, they sustain our food production and provide for a healthy environment. Pollinators provide a priceless service and cross pollinate over a 1,000 food plants, fruit, vegetables, berries and nuts. A third of what we eat would not be available without pollinators.

To find out more about pollinators and how to protect their habitats, please follow the link below.

To find out how you can manage hedgerows for pollinating insects, please see:

Ennis Tidy Towns has worked to transform the roundabouts in the town to sustainable habitats for pollinators. In 2018 and 2019 the group won the Local Authority Pollinator Award.


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