Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

County Clare is set apart by the Burren, the Atlantic coastline, Shannon Estuary, Lough Derg and inland waterways, all rich in wildlife habitats and species as well as the cultural heritage of local history and tradition, placenames and folklore.
Biodiversity refers to the variety of all living things in a particular place. This includes both wild and domesticated plats and animals, as well as fungi, bacteria and other micro-organisms.
County Clare is bursting at the seems with biodiversity, from the common daisy found in every back garden to the beautiful orchids of the Burren.

Key facts about Natural Heritage and Biodiversity in County Clare

  • More than 20% of the county is designated for nature conservation.
  • Clare has 47 Natura 2000 sitesm including 37 Special areas of Conservation (SACs) and 10 Special Protection areas (SPAs).
  • There are 14 Natural Heritage Areas and 61 proposed Natural Heritage Areas in the County.
  • In Clare there is 5 Wildlife Sancturies, 4 Nature Reserves and the Burren National Park, which aim to protect the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity in the County.
  • There are 45 recognised geological heritage sites in the County.